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Cane Corso Temperament

Cane Corso is a graceful dog that exudes confidence and strength. Their gentle temperament might come as a bit of surprise when you consider their muscular, athletic bodies and strong jaws. However, regardless of what they look like, these dogs are very gentle when their owners and their families are concerned and make wonderful pets.

Their ancestors were used as fighting or guard dogs as well as for sheep herding. This has left them with strong protective instincts and suspiciousness towards unfamiliar dogs and people. They are very alert and will do everything to protect their home and their owners. When you consider the fact that they were often pitted against ferocious boars and bears, it comes as no surprise that they are immensely courageous. Even though they don’t like other dogs coming into their territory they will generally refrain from starting a fight with another dog. But if the other dog instigates a conflict Cane Corso will never shy away from it.

They are very smart and easy to train. This is usually the case with working dogs; they needed to be trainable in order to be able to learn to perform the tasks that their owners intended them for. You should never punish them physically, just use a lot of positive reinforcement, and the dog will not only learn whatever it is that you are trying to teach him, but will also hold you in much higher regard than he would if you used force in training him.

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Their strong bodies require a lot of exercise, it would be ideal if you had a large yard to hold them in. if not, you might want to take the dog out jogging as often as you can and a daily walk is a must. You don’t want to see the damage that a bored Cane Corso can make if you deny him daily activities. As working dogs they are used to having tasks to perform, and are happiest when they are busy with something. If you fail to occupy their mind and body they will get restless and start digging holes in your backyard and chewing everything that they can get a hold of.

They are used to the company of people and they love spending time with their owners. If you neglect them for too long they won’t be particularly happy about it. This is common for all breeds that form strong bonds with their owners. They cherish human company and become restless and anxious when that company is denied to them. The behavioral problems that they develop in these long periods of solitude can be permanent, so you really don’t want to allow this to happen.

They are strong willed dogs and require a similar owner. If the owner is not confident and dominant enough, the dog will feel that and won’t acknowledge the owner as his alpha. This can lead to troublesome behavior, the dog will think that he needs to step up and assume the role of the leader of the pack. This doesn’t mean that you should be abusive in order to put the dog in his proper place, just be decisive and firm when dealing with him, and he will pick up on it.


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