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Cane Corso is an original Italian dog breed, used as a hunting dog, guarding dog and also a companion dog. This dog breed belongs to the Molosser group of dogs and like other dogs from this group, Cane Corso is a muscular dog even thou it has more athletic build than the rest of the Molossers. This once very popular breed has almost suffered extinction around 1970, but a group of fans rescued the breed by cross breeding selected appropriate breeds. The result is a different looking dog than the ones from the past. Thanks to these efforts, Cane Corso dogs are now popular over the world.

I started this blog to further help spreading information about the Cane Corso dog breed and possibly bring more attention to this wonderful dogs. In case you are a proud ovner of a Cane Corso dog, make sure you send me some photos and I will gladly post them on this site. Thank you.

Cane Corso Training

Cane Corsi are very intelligent and obedient dogs that are easy to train if you approach them with confidence and authority. They have historically been used as working and hunting dogs, which doesn’t only mean that they are able to learn a number of commands and are able to perform a great number of tasks, but also that they are used to activity and that they love being given something to do.

Your Cane Corso will not require too many repetitions to learn a command. You’ll want to start with something simple, such as teaching him to sit, and once he learns that you might want to move on to more demanding commands. They are very devoted to their owners and will enjoy pleasing you. This is why the only weapon in your arsenal of training techniques should be positive reinforcement.

When the dog performs according to your wishes, praise him and give him a treat. They are quite good at determining what tone of voice you use when you are happy with them and what tone conveys your displeasure. This is why if you need to correct them you don’t need anything else but your voice.

They can be provoked by other dogs that enter their territory. They usually won’t attack, but they might get restless. If you want your Cane Corso to be comfortable with non familiar dogs you need to make sure that he has a lot of opportunities to socialize with other dogs while he is still a puppy. This will make him less suspicious when he grows up.

Cane Corso Grooming

Cane Corso is a magnificently gracious dog that is very virile and athletically built. They have very muscular bodies that are very well proportioned and that can quite often inspire awe in everyone who takes a look at them. They have a rather short double coat that doesn’t require too much grooming, but you might still want to brush and bather them occasionally. If you want to enter them in conformation show this is a must, if not it will still help them with shedding. Anyway, grooming is a great chance to inspect your dog for injuries or parasites.

Cane Corso702

You’ll want to start the process by brushing his fur. Their hairs are rather short and shouldn’t get tangled too often. This makes it easier for you, as you don’t have to pay as much attention and be as careful as you would if you were brushing a dog with longer hair. Their undercoat won’t be too thick if you are doing this during the warmer months, so it shouldn’t present too much of a problem. If you notice that the brush is getting stuck often you might want to apply some conditioner to the fur, but this will probably never be an issue with your Cane Corso.

Brushing his fur is the best time to check for skin irritations or parasites. If you find irritations, infections or injuries remember where they are. After the bath you’ll want to apply antibiotic to them. You might also find tick bites with tick still inside. If you do, don’t try to just pull the insect out. It might break off, and if it does parts of it might remain in the dog’s bloodstream, which might be dangerous and cause Lyme disease. Instead, prevent the tick from breathing (covering the bite with Vaseline will usually do the trick), and once he surfaces for air, remove him.

Cane Corso701

Once you’re done with the brushing you might want to give your dog a bath. There is no need to do this too often, but he might use it every once in a while. Be careful not to get any water in his eyes, ears and nose. Some people use cotton earplugs, if you try this make sure not to push them too far in. Use the mildest shampoo that you can find, and be sure to rinse it all out once you’re done. If any of it remains in the dog’s fur it might cause severe irritation, regardless of how mild it is.

Once the bath is done you’ll want to dry your dog off with a towel. This will generally be enough because of their short fur, but if it is not, you can also use a blow dryer. Make sure that the dryer is not set to too high a temperature though. Once he is dry you should check his ears for dirt, wax buildup or parasites. You might want to purchase antibiotic ear wash, it has been shown to greatly reduce the chances of your dog developing ear infections.

Cane Corso Common Health Issues

Every dog breed is known to occasionally suffer from a specific set of health problems. They might be related to genetics, the way the dog’s body is built or factors pertaining to their environment or the purposes for which the dogs are used. Cane Corsi are not an exception to this. If you own a dog of this breed you need to know which conditions are most common for it in order to be able to recognize them while they are still in the early stages. By noticing their initial symptoms on time you might be able to report them to your vet and prevent them from progressing too far.

Cane Corso704

One of the genetic conditions that usually affects larger dogs, but is not completely uncommon among the smaller breeds either, is hip dysplasia. This condition is characterized by the improper development of the socket of the hip bone. The ball of the thigh bone doesn’t fit properly into it, which causes friction and grinding of the bones and cartilage. The condition wouldn’t be progressive in itself, but as the dog walks the bones grind more and more, and in time this can leave your dog unable to use the afflicted limb. If you notice that your dog is limping, or generally having trouble walking this might be the cause. Contact your vet immediately and discuss the possible solutions. Most likely, the dog will have to undergo a surgical procedure.

One of the conditions that are quite often occurring in larger dogs is gastric torsion or bloat. People are not exactly sure about what causes it. Some claim that it often occurs if the dog has been taken out to exercise soon after a meal. Others think that it happens if the dog is eating too fast and taking large bites. Whatever might be the cause, this condition causes the dog’s stomach to fill up with gasses as his gastrointestinal passages get blocked and prevent the normal functioning of the digestive system. People recommend feeding your dog several smaller meals a day instead of one large meal and giving him soybean products. Symptoms include dry heaves, restlessness, fatigue and swollen abdomen. If you notice any of these contact the vet immediately, as this condition can quite often be fatal.

Cane Corso703

Like most dogs, Cane Corsi can often suffer from different types of eye problems. One of them is cherry eye. You’ll recognize the condition by the appearance of a gland in the corner of the eye that might resemble a cherry. This gland could be tucked back under the lid, or surgically removed. A lot of people object to it being removed as that might increase the chances of the dog developing another eye condition known as the dry eye.

Dry eye is caused by the blockage of the tear ducts and completely prevents your dog from producing tears. If you notice that your dog’s eyes are covered by a bluish haze or a misty film, dry eye is probably the cause. Get him to the vet and have the condition diagnosed. If it turns out that dry eye is indeed the cause you’ll have to administer artificial tears to your dog as long as he lives.

Cane Corso Puppy Care

Cane Corso is a well behaved dog that will shower its owner with love and devotion. They are very intelligent and obedient, and you shouldn’t be scarred by their impressive size, they are very gentle with their owners. If you are looking for a great guard dog that will still be very amiable with his owner, you might consider getting a Cane Corso puppy.

Cane Corso Puppies02

If you do, you’ll need to know how to take good care of it. Before you bring him home, decide on where you’re going to keep him and prepare the area. Remove all the potential risks, such as electrical cables and sharp objects or nylon bags that the dog could reach. Generally remove anything that the dog might hurt himself with.

Cane Corso Puppies01

Don’t let him get crowded when you bring him home. Your family members and friends might want to play with him immediately, but you will all be new to him, as will his new surroundings. Give him some time to adjust before you start playing with the puppy. You’ll need to contact a vet concerning the vaccination as soon as you can. Before the dog has received all the vaccinations that he is supposed to receive don’t let other dogs near him. He is very vulnerable, and exposing him to other dogs might be extremely risky.

Once he is vaccinated you’ll want to let him socialize as much as possible. Cane Corsi are extremely friendly with their owners, but they were used as hunting and fighting dogs, and this has left a mark. They won’t be too friendly when other dogs are concerned. By socializing your puppy while he is still very young, you’ll keep this hostility at a minimum and you’ll have a well adjusted dog that won’t start fights with other dogs.


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